Rafael Mizrahi: Farewell GarageGeeks

Farewell GarageGeeks

Farewell GarageGeeks
I am resigning from my role at GarageGeeks.org

Q: How? We never hired you.
A: Right. I was volunteering. I will cease my volunteering act. I will continue to be a geek/tech/maker/whatever, so please continue inviting me to events.

Q: Why?
A: Well... After 7 years and over 100 events, I think my community service is due. I will proceed to seek and find ways to empower the human race using other channels.

Q: What the heck are you talking about?
A: This place and the marvelous people I met and collaborated with, changed my life. Today I realize that the change happens because I was an active member. so my gain is directly related to the effort put into. The teachers at school always tel you that "you have allot of potential". You should know that in order to gain power (W), potential (V) is not enough, you need to multiply it with current (A). and that's where sweat comes in.

You may find some of the past projects at https://rafaelmizrahi.blogspot.com

Q: Where are you going to be?
A: Online and Offline. Watching inline breakpoints and Away from keyboard outline.
Just like the rest of you.

Q: Words to summarize?
A: I would like to quote the Beastie Boys:
"So this is what I’ve got to say to you all. Be true to yourself and you will never fall."


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