Rafael Mizrahi: Real Virtual Skater

Real Virtual Skater

Convert a skateboard into a game controller. Taking a real skateboard and using it to control and ride the game "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" (THPS)
more pictures at https://flic.kr/s/aHsj1bwJwj

Real Virtual Skater

Rafael Mizrahi, Dani Vardi, Gideon Weiler, Danny Strelitz.
Disassembling a Wii remote controller, and attaching it inside a box underneath the skateboard.
Wire the skateboard with accelerometers, touch pad buttons, and Bluetooth.
Riding the skate moving turning and popping and grabbing, sends the information using Bluetooth to the computer.

* WiimoteLib .Net library - capture WiiMote messages
* DirectX DirectInput Hooking - send emulated keystrokes into DirectInput

Game modifications:
To make it more real, we've put ourselves into the game.
We edited textures (tdx files) and materials inside the game in order to make it more funny and Geeky.
Using the Texture tool:
Used the THPS Park editor to build a Wingate (where GeekCon conference is located) look-a-like skate park.
Dressed the playing avatar with a GarageGeeks T-Shirt and changing his head to Rafael Mizrahi head.
Dani vardi who is a photographers also got into the game, as the skate photographer.
And Yosi Vardi took the role of Skateboard shop guy.
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