Welcome to the world of Rafael Mizrahi, a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur, experimental artist, and audio-visual AI research scientist.

As the co-founder and CEO of Feng-GUI.com, Rafael leads the charge in pioneering artificial intelligence services. His brainchild, Feng-GUI.com, empowers designers by providing cutting-edge tools to effectively analyze attention and attraction in visuals. Rafael's mission is to uncover the mathematics and logic that explain what captivates our eyes, bridging the gap between aesthetics and science.

In the early days of 2006, Rafael embarked on another venture, co-founding GarageGeeks.org a non-profit organization that serves as a haven for creative minds to meet, innovate, and collaboratively build noncommercial projects. What began as a seed of inspiration has now flourished into Israel's largest "underground" organization, boasting a vibrant community of over 12,000 members. Rafael has played a pivotal role in organizing and co-hosting more than 100 innovation and creativity events.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Rafael is a true renaissance soul. He possesses a penchant for hacking musical instruments, games, and gadgets, delighting in the process of disassembling and reassembling them with a unique twist of experiential innovation. This creative influence extends beyond borders, as Rafael has collaborated on interactive projects with internationally acclaimed groups such as Mayoomana and Cirque du Soleil. His innovative touch has added a new dimension to their performances, fusing technology with artistry to create unforgettable and immersive experiences.

Explore the captivating journey of Rafael Mizrahi, where entrepreneurship, artistry, and artificial intelligence converge. Join him on this exciting quest as he unravels the secrets behind visual allure and continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

Visit Rafael's personal website to delve deeper into his world and stay tuned for the next chapter in the ever-evolving tapestry of his diverse and dynamic career.


• 2024 "Dream Machine Experience", Grosso Modo gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2023 "Dream Machine Experience" with "Keshev Rav", Naim Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2023 "Dream Machine Experience", Dive Bar, Tel-Aviv, Israel
• 2023 "Dream Machine Experience", Mona Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel
• 2023 "Dream Machine Experience" with Shoonra, Levontin7, Tel-Aviv, Israel
• 2023 "Dream Machine Experience" GeekCon conference, Israel

• 2022 "Inner Space Odyssey" Levontin7, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2022 "Electronic Duet" with Croptal at Musebreak Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2022 "Tesla in GTA Vice City", GeekCon conference, Israel.

• 2021 "Criminal Techno Logie" Levontin7, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2021 "Audrey II - Little Shop Of Horrors", Bimat Hanoar, Rehovot, Israel.
• 2021 "Bong - The Roomba Lazy Pong", GeekCon conference, Israel.

• 2019 "Project Periscope - VR in the club", Barby, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2019 "CardboardRama Google Cardboard SensoRama", GeekCon conference, Israel.

• 2018 "Just Dance Fortnite Edition", GeekCon conference, Israel.
• 2018 "Rick and Morty's Microverse Battery", GeekCon Green conference, Israel.
• 2017 "GasWay - Gasoline Powered Segway", GeekCon conference, Israel.
• 2016 "World’s Biggest, Most Useless AI Machine", GeekCon conference, Israel.
• 2015 "Samis Wireless Light Staff", Cirque du Soleil, Sama-Sama Live Experience, Madrid, Spain.
• 2015 "The Empire Remains - British Empire Sky Maps", Artport, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2014 "Enlighted Customs", Terry Poison, Nazeret, Israel.
• 2014 "Innovative Thinking - The Smart and the Useless", DLD conference, Munich, Germany.
• 2012 "Advertising Paradigms", DLD conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

• 2011 "Brain Machine Interfaces", DLD conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2011 "Israel in light of Innovation", Masa journey, Binyanei Ha'uma, Jerusalem, Israel.
• 2011 Arduino workshop II with Arnon Katz, GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel
• 2011 Google Android ADK Challenge workshop, Google Tel-Aviv, Israel

• 2010 "60 LEDs Guitar", GeekCon conference, Israel.
• 2010 "Innovative Thinking Inside The Box", Bird Brain conference, Afeka College, Tel-Aviv.
• 2010 "Real Virtual Skater", 8200 IDF intelligence conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2010 "Creativity in Holon city" presented to President Shimon Peres. Mediatheque, Holon, Israel.
• 2010 Arduino workshop I with Arnon Katz, GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel

• 2009 "Feng-GUI Attention and Attraction in Visuals" Digital Innovators Summit, Berlin, Germany.
• 2009 "From Porn to AI in 20 slides" Lost in Conversion. GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel.
• 2009 "Open Cobra", KinnerNet 2009 conference, Israel.
• 2009 "Live Jam room", MuseNet 2009, IBM campus, Kiryat Arie, Israel
• 2009 "Toy music controllers workshop", GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel
• 2009 Musical hardware workshop, GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel
• 2009 Global Game Development Jam Session, GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel

• 2008 Live Jam room, MuseNet 2008, HaPoalim Bank campus, Shfaim, Israel
• 2008 "Per-Capita exhibition" with Tarazi Studio, Garanti Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.
• 2008 "Imm Cologne And Passagen" with Tarazi Studio, Peter C Neumann Gallery, Switzerland.
• 2008 "Wii Man Super Hero", KinnerNet 2008 conference, Israel.
• 2008 "Real Virtual Skater", GeekCon conference, Israel.
• 2008 "Tomorrow’s Technology In Daily Life", Presidential Conference: Facing Tomorrow, Jerusalem, Israel
• 2008 "Wii Man Super Hero", eCamp Hi-Tech Summer Camp, Israel.

• 2007 "Tangibe Laptop", MuseNet 2007, Shfaim, Israel.
• 2007 "GuitarHeroNoid - A robot that plays GuitarHero", KinnerNet 2007 conference, Israel.
• 2007 "Guitar Hero Noid by GarageGeeks", VON conference, Boston, USA.
• 2007 "Guitar Hero Noid by GarageGeeks", LeWeb3 conference, Paris, France.
• 2007 "Tarazi Studio, Per-Capita exhibition", Artists House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
• 2007 Keyboard hacking workshop, GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel
• 2007 Music Workshop Live, GarageGeeks, Holon, Israel


• Co-founded GarageGeeks.org a 12,000 member's geek/tech community and was actively involved in over 100 events.
• Ranked at position 4342 out of 5M world wide open source developers.
• Contribute to Mono open source Xamarin and .Net Core. Implemented Visual Basic.Net 
• Contribute to Kodi open source media center. Boxee shared sources with XMBC
• DotNetNuke Project Contributor to the DNN community - Ported DNN2 to java.
• XML: Implemented several OASIS and NIST, XML conformance test suites in C#.
• IETF IMPP : Participated at the IMPP, the "Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol" working groups.

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