Rafael Mizrahi: GarageGeeks hosting Microsoft Strategic Trends

GarageGeeks hosting Microsoft Strategic Trends

Strategic Trends: Hosting Microsoft adCenter VP Alexander Gounares

As Corporate Vice President, adCenter and Commerce Platforms, Alexander Gounares is responsible for leading the engineering efforts for Microsoft's core advertising platform and commerce technologies (including payments, points, and subscriptions).
Before taking this role, Gounares was the Corporate Vice President for Corporate Strategy, where he was responsible for helping set the overall set the overall strategic direction for the company. Prior to that, Gounares spent three years as the technology assistant to Bill Gates, Microsoft's chairman, and he was also responsible for helping formulate and drive the technical strategy for the company. Gounares has been involved with many initiatives across the company, covering everything from search to workflow technologies to new Internet services such as Microsoft Virtual Earth and a number of yet-to-be announced products.

The event will take place on Wednesday June 25th, 21:30, Garage HQ (Hapeled 40, Holon).

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