Rick and Morty's Microverse Battery

Rick and Morty's Microverse Battery
A box of slavery, with extra steps

Created during Geekcon.org Green 2018 conference weekend
Geekcon Green is a Make-A-Thon weekend which aim to harness creative, multi-disciplinary individuals to do projects and rethink sustainability in these domains: water, food, energy, shelter, waste, transportation & communication.
Geekcon Green is a subsidiary unconference of Geekcon http://geekcon.org/ http://www.geekcon.org/green/ Rick and Morty
What is a Microverse Battery http://rickandmorty.wikia.com/wiki/Microverse_Battery
How to make a Microverse Battery
* Supercharged battery.
* Motherboard.
* Dark Matter Ball or Dark isolierband.
* WS2812 leds and WS2812 Leds controller.
* Polyester Cushion Stuffing.
* Pink spray.

Project members:
Rafael Mizrahi
Mickey Martin
Eyal Keidar

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