Flymax Hang Gliding Experience

Get ready to spread your wings and have an aerial delight like never before!

Adding a whole new dimension to virtual reality, FlyMax is one such simulated attraction that takes the thrill of extreme hang gliding to a whole new level.
Giving you a life-like experience of flying, FlyMax will surely leave you asking for more!

For the first time in India, a technology that is so immersive that it will completely absorb all of your senses. This is achieved by using a mix of motion & positional tracking, virtual reality High Definition Head Mounted Display Unit along with a state of the art graphics engine that renders in real time to provide for a completely immersive experience.

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Few months after a surprising phone call from Shripal Morakhia, the founder of Entertainment and the owner of iDream Production, FlyMax Hang Gliding Experience is live.
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