Rafael Mizrahi: Super-Size Boxee Box

Super-Size Boxee Box

Boxee.tv been working closely with D-Link to really get to know the Boxee Box. running experiments in Boxee lab in Tel Aviv, and well, the results have been astounding.

One Israeli researcher, Rafael Mizrahi, has developed a special bond with the Boxee Box… he feeds it, polishes it, takes it on walks, tucks it in at night. Rafi's special "TLC" has dramatically influenced the Boxee Box's progression from small standalone set top box to something much more…

This specific Boxee Box has grown to 5 times normal size. It's shed its austere black exterior for Boxee neon green, and taken a bath in Boxee logos. Not content with a normal Boxee Box's HDMI and optical audio connections, the Box has developed its own "limbs" in the form of speakers and an HD monitor. It even has an IR port for that sexy Boxee Remote. Here's a picture of Rafi taking the "Boxeecus Maximus" out for a walk in sunny Tel Aviv.

If you see this Box in the wild without a handler, please report it to us immediately as it has been known to wander into local bars in hopes of picking up "content providers".

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