Rafael Mizrahi: Record Organ

Record Organ

The Record Organ is an air compressor flute organ built by Hagai Cohen and prof. Mel Rosenberg.
The organ uses single tone soprano recorders as the pipes.

The RecordOrgan was built with newly designed wooden valves, mainly for checking the valves for leakage, endurance, effect of temperature and more. The keyboard may be changed from left to right (mirror) meaning the high tones may be on the left or on the right.

The idea came from Mel Rosenberg who is a left-handed musician and expressed his desire to try a left-hand keyboard.
The RecordOrgan was first introduced at the KinnerNet 2009 convention.

Another sub-project done with the parts of the RecordOrgan, is Flute Heros.

Project members: Hagai Cohen (hardware), itai Talgam (Conducting) , Rafael Mizrahi (Software) and a bunch of players.

It was planned for 32, but eventually, 12 people received a single note flute, all staring at a screen that runs a modified version of Synthesia (http://www.synthesiagame.com/) showing bars falling down from the top of the screen to a destined note of a piano keyboard, at the bottom. Each player has to blow his flute, when the bar reaches the keyboard.
For the first time in their life, they were playing musical parts by Vivaldi and Gluk.

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