GarageGeeks Music Workshop No1

Date: 25 October, 20:20(Garage Open at 19:00)

Some say that at the dark side of the moon, an area which we cannot see from earth, there are aliens. And these aliens are watching us. They have no interest in our technology, only in our Art.

Last Thursday, the first Music Workshop took place at the GarageGeeks headquarter.
Hosted by Rafael Mizrahi, Eyal Person Sachar and Uri Levanon.

Thursday, 10 AM, we started wiring the place with MIDI and Audio wires, creating a star shaped network for the attendants to come that will hook their equipments and laptops into the central main 4 stations that where in the middle of the room.


The music workshops line intends to establish and maintain an open platform where music activity from different areas can be presented in one context across institutional and professional boundaries, in an
informal and progressive environment.

Or, in English, bring some musical instruments/Laptops to the
Garage and let's form a "GarageGeeks sound system" workshop.

19:00 Garage Open: Bring your instruments. Prepare your station.
people start to show up, some with laptops, some without, some with home made music controllers, drums, trombone, harmonicas, synths, keyboards, beer.

The participants started hooking up their equipment at the stations we prepared, and got to know each other.

Vibe faeries where floating in the air, and the crowd was full with enthusiastic and curiosity, what will happen tonight?


Abelton Live Training: quick hands-on training and how to edit music for dummies.
"Person" gave a 25 minutes quick-start field guide on Ableton Live, and after few questions, the Jam began.

Live with 'Abelton Live'
An Open Jam Session, bring laptops (with MIDI), and/or other musical instruments.
We will hook and sync them together.

21:15 We reached 10 Live stations all synced together with

MIDI and audio, playing samples and loops chosen almost randomly by the one who played on that station.
About 4 of the stations where public, so 2 you could join the jam and throw some drum-n-base loop or Madonna acapella into the musical wiki part.

For the next two and a half hours, the music stopped only for few times, choosing new rhythms, trying out some conductive-gaming ways to sort some order. Sometimes it was noisy and disharmony, sometimes it was super-cool and funky, but all the time, it was tribal, and fun.

Thank you so much for participating.
Already started forming Music Workshop No.2

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