Rafael Mizrahi: GarageGeeks hosting Google

GarageGeeks hosting Google

The GarageGeeks and Yossi Vardi hosted to a special garage party event under the title "GarageGeeks hosting Google"

For the last week, the GarageGeeks guys where cleaning and dusting up the place inside-out.
The back yard of the garage was also cleaned because the assumption which turn out right, was, that lots of people will arrive to the event.
Well, if the guys meet at the garage, even for cleanups, they had to pull some creativity into it. So, after finishing cleaning and painting the toilets, a printer was assembled on the door as a toilet paper holder.

Marissa Mayer (Google VP Search Products & User Experience), along with Prof Yossi Matias (Director, Tel Aviv Engineering Center Google) and Meir Brand (Country Director, Israel) enter the garage with 25 Google product managers and Google Israel employees.

They were sitting for 45 minutes while we gave them presentations about the un-conventions activities in Israel. Presentation included GarageGeeks, KinnerNet, GeekCon, EureCamp, MuseNet and so on.

Marissa gave her keynote speech from Zvika's father forklift,

The party started, hundreds of Israel high tech enthusiastics gathered outside for drinks, barbeque and mingling.
As usual, the place was also equipped with games, Playstation, XBOX360 and Wii.
I was the bartender for an hour and a half, so I didn’t have to circle in order to mingle, people came right to me.

It was a Great.

Uri Levanon with a hacked iPhone
ohhh... just remembered, there where also some guys that didn't went outside, and preferred to stay at the Garage and do some iPhone hacking using mono running on iPhone BSD OS.

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