Rafael Mizrahi: Mono hackers conference Boston 2004

Mono hackers conference Boston 2004

Mono invited Mainsoft to participate the Mono hackers conference 2004 at Boston.
Me at the Ximian office.

I wish to thank Miguel, Eric, Gonzalito, Jackson , Atsushi, Ben, Duncan, Lluis , Martin, jordi and the other mono monkeys,
It was a great experience and also fun, meeting you.
I have learned a lot from you, and I hope you feel the same.
I see it as a beginning of a new friendship, with deeper “checkins” in
the CVS ;), and I wish all of us good luck with creating a world which
has no OS and language boundaries.

Thank you very much for your kind hospitality, See you in base64 ;)

Gonzalo Paniagua from mono and Eyal Alaluf and Kosta Trigger,
trying to find a sneaky bug.

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